Brian Boland is a nurse with the vascular access team.

He was nominated for taking his experience and knowledge outside of the hospital, helping save the life of someone who he had never met and will never even know.

Before leaving for the airport, Boland had an odd feeling that he needed to pack his CPR mask, which he described as old, flat and cracked. While waiting to board his flight he had a weird feeling that told him to look back. When he did, he saw an older man in business attire sitting in a chair lifeless.

Boland immediately jumped in to action. With the help of a security guard, they put the patient on the floor and started chest compressions. At this moment he realized why he was inclined to bring his mask and asked someone nearby to get it from his bag. He traded off with the guard to give breaths while another went to obtain the AED.

Boland and two other nurses who happened to be nearby worked as a team trading roles, giving shocks until EMS arrived and took over.

The man had a blood pressure and pulse as he was taken away. This would not have been the outcome if it were not for Boland's quick response.