Photo of Bridgett McGrath

The Everyday Excellence Heart and Soul award recognizes those who model professionalism, are constantly reliable and consistently provide high quality results and service to customers.

Bridgett McGrath is a nurse on 3 South, General Hospital.

According to the folks who nominated her, she is an excellent nurse who inspires patients and her co-workers each day. She always comes to work with a smile and can make the darkest days a
little brighter.

A recent example of this was when McGrath was taking care of an elderly patient. The patient had been admitted for quite a few days and was becoming increasingly discouraged.

McGrath used one of her non-nursing talents to cheer up the patient.

She keeps supplies to make balloon animals in the nurses’ lounge.

McGrath made a dog as well as a crown for the patient to wear. This caused the patient and family to smile and laugh for the first time in days.

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