The COVID-19 testing team was nominated for the unprecedented work it has performed since the pandemic began. Team members include:

Becky Ashley | Connie Crede | Dr. Robert Crisalli | Dr. Lemwel Delgra | Heidi Edwards | Dr. Jerry Edwards | Tamara Fuller | Dr. Rayan Ihle | Dr. Michelle Kamery | Dr. Fred Kerns | Terrie Lee | Linda Minnich | Lillian Morris | Sarah McClanahan | Dr. Nadia Naumova | Dr. Kenneth McNeil | Dr. Milton Plata | Kit Reed | Dr. Bryan Richmond | Dr. David Seidler | Tina Stamper | Dr. Anthony Uy | Susan Winefordner | Dr. Kendall Wyatt

The value of this group’s work cannot be understated. So far, more than 78,000 COVID-19 PCR tests have been performed at CAMC. Each test touched a member of our community and assisted in the clinical management of that patient’s care during the pandemic.

This multidisciplinary team of doctors, nurses, infection prevention, lab, pathology and others has been meeting weekly since early in the pandemic to evaluate, implement and maintain COVID-19 testing platforms.

Additionally, the team aligned testing strategies with CDC guidelines and CAMC’s clinical and operational approach to COVID-19 for the benefit of our community.

The team reflected integrity and stewardship to deliberate on difficult topics in a highly volatile environment with no clear cut-right answer.

During unprecedented times, this team demonstrated key CAMC values while making critical decisions under challenging conditions, and our community benefited greatly from these subject matter experts’ consensus decisions.

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