Elizabeth Blosser is a nurse on 3 South, Memorial Hospital, who goes above and beyond with all of her patients and tries to do it without anyone knowing. In fact, a person who nominated her says Blosser can sense their needs and is there to do whatever they need to make patients and co-workers feel as though they are the only person or patient she has to take care of on any given day.

She has many times taken patients' clothes home to wash because they have had no family or means to do so. Most recently, 3 South received a patient who was in between places to live and had many large bags of belongings, but no visitors, family members or anyone that could take care of them. Blosser befriended this patient and personally washed bags of his clothes.

Staff say Blosser always shows kindness, care, compassion and heart. One of the people who nominated Blosser said, "She is truly an inspiration to me and her fellow co-workers."