Headshot of Jane Maher

The humanitarian category of Heart and Soul recognizes employees for acts of kindness and charity that promote the well-being or improves the life of someone in our community. It also includes actions of bravery, courage and selflessness.

Jane Maher is a certified scrub tech in the operating room at CAMC Memorial Hospital.

Maher is known for her delicious baked goods. Recently the department made goodie bags for the cardiopulmonary ICU and emergency room to show appreciation for employees on the front lines with the majority of
our COVID-19.

The OR sent baked goods, drinks, candy, personal protective equipment and other items to say thank you.

Maher has taken it upon herself to individually donate her time and efforts to bake for other departments with donations. She calls it “The Appreciation Project” and has delivered goodies to 10 departments.

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