Photo of Jessica Green

Jessica Green has been an Ophthalmic Technician at CAMC Ophthalmology for just over a year.

Recently, a pregnant patient presented with complaints of blue splotchy floaters, pressure and photophobia.

Dr. Huseyin Kadikoy ordered an OCT Macula. While imaging the macula, Green noticed the optic nerve looked unusual, so she got images of it, too.

As soon as Dr. Kadikoy saw the images, he sent the patient to the ER because she had severe intracranial pressure and optic nerve edema. He told Green that she could have potentially saved the patient and/or the baby’s life by noticing the suspicious looking nerve and performing the extra imaging.

Congratulations to the other March nominees: Courtney Adkins, Melanie Baird, Ashley Coleman, Jessica Freed and Alyssa Nottingham.

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