Photo of Shawver and Carter

Pictured above (L to R): Katie Shawver and Camilla Carter

The humanitarian category of Heart and Soul recognizes employees for acts of kindness and charity that promote the well-being or improves the lives of someone in our community. It also includes actions of bravery, courage and selflessness.

Katie Shawver, Nurse Extern in surgical trauma ICU and Camilla Carter, Medical Affairs, were on their way home when they came upon a motor vehicle accident that had just occurred.

Shawver jumped out of the car and ran to it while calling 911. She checked on the family to determine who needed immediate attention.

Shawver pushed airbags out of the way to help the mother who was injured. She also checked out an injured child and comforted her by explaining that help was on the way and what to expect when emergency responders arrived and when they got to the hospital.

When EMS arrived, Shawver was able to tell them who they needed to assess for injuries.

The two drove the father and a toddler to General Hospital so the family could be together.

Once at the hospital, Shawver made sure the family was seen in the emergency department and told security and the registration staff why they were there.

She left the family with her phone number and some cash for the children to have snacks and drinks.

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