The neurosciences ICU at General Hospital was nominated for care not only for the patient, but her husband as well.

The staff “provided exemplary, inspirational, professional and respectful care” to his wife and him, the husband wrote. “Their kindness was above and beyond the call of duty for the simple fact their attention to detail for the care of my wife was simply superb. Within this staff lies my hope and heart. They are truly the angels and heroes of mine and my wife’s life for being such outstanding professionals.”

During the woman’s stay, her husband said the staff not only provided top notch care to the patient, but also was very encouraging to the family when they didn’t have much hope.

In his letter to the hospital, the patient’s husband referred to a few people as unexpected blessings: Dr. Teresa Bautista, Scott Long, Justin Henry, Erin Anthony, Brandi Harvey, Becky Frye, Tina Van Lehn and Dr. Kelly Rennie.

Their care of the patient included checking on her husband frequently, taking him coffee and making sure he had something to eat or drink (even including him in their pizza party).

They took time to braid the patient’s hair and complimented her on her beauty even while she was very ill. Her husband said that meant so much to the family.

Thank you to the NSICU for putting your heart and soul into the care of families and well as patients.

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