Photo of Nikki Feldhaus

Nikki Feldhaus is the Ambulatory Department Coordinator for Behavioral Medicine.

The department has a program designed to treat adolescents who engage in high-risk behaviors, including self-harm and suicidal behavior. One of the patients being treated experienced a psychiatric crisis during an outpatient clinic appointment.

This was an emergency that required a very skilled intervention to reduce harm for the patient and keep everyone in the area safe.

It was late in the day and Feldhaus was walking to her nearby home. Without hesitation she ran back to the department, assisted providers and office staff by coaxing the patient safely into a wheelchair, and guided staff to ensure they were providing trauma-informed care for the patient.

She demonstrated compassion toward this patient and their family during this entire process. During a time of administrative leadership transition in the department, Feldhaus also has maintained consistency in office procedures and is well liked by staff, physicians, psychologists and patients.

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