Employees recognized by medical staff

At its September meeting, the medical staff executive committee recognized several people related to their work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Linda Minnich and Becky Ashley were recognized for their essential and instrumental work in formulating testing strategies surrounding COVID-19. "Not only have they provided immunology updates on basic sciences to assist understanding tests, but they have researched current and emerging technologies to ensure our community has the most well thought-out and current testing capability," wrote the person who nominated them. "Both have worked under exceptionally challenging circumstances and not only provided critical information to senior leadership, but they also have operationally delivered amazingly consistent results under unprecedented and highly variable conditions."

"Case managers and social workers Tonya Turner, Joey Toms, Mary Stine, Ashley Riggs, Dawn Jones, Kara Gastren, Brittany Craft, Karen Armentrout, Carolyn Morrison, and Rhonda Phares came in as part of a surge response on the weekend in early August to help improve hospital flow and decrease ED boarders," wrote the person who nominated them. "Their willingness to help address the situation was appreciated by patients, staff and providers."

Pictured (L to R): Ashley Riggs, Carolyn Morrison, Dawn Jones, Mary Stine, Rhonda Phares

Not pictured: Karen Armentrout, Becky Ashley, Brittany Craft, Kara Gastren, Linda Minnich, Joey Toms, and Tonya Turner