Headshot of Michael Robie, DO

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed many ways we care for patients; manage visitors, vendors and guests; and even run hospitals. CAMC's command center opened in mid-March to provide a coordinated response to COVID-19. It has relied on many experts from various disciplines to support clinical providers. We continue to profile some of those experts who've worked tirelessly behind the scenes to provide information we need to provide the best care for every patient, every day.

Michael Robie, DO, is the associate chief medical officer for the West Virginia Health Network. However, during the pandemic, Robie primarily served as a liaison to public health at the state and county level.

"My job has changed quite a bit since the pandemic began," Robie said. "I've spent a lot of time in communication with the state and local public health departments to maintain a consistent plan and keep us all on the same page."

"I think the hepatitis A outbreak a few years ago prepared health on a small scale, but COVID has caused us to rethink our processes," Robie said. "I've been very surprised by the overall impact on the community in so many ways beyond just health."

Like many people, he has spent long hours at work. Between his CAMC responsibilities and those as the health officer for Putnam County, there hasn't been much free time since the pandemic began.

"I've been amazed by the dedication, particularly in public health," Robie said. "Some of these people have literally worked nonstop now for well over seven months."

Robie said the constantly changing information on this new virus has taught him to be versatile.

"We never know what is coming either from a medical perspective or in our personal lives. We need to be adaptable to changes in our lives."

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