During the past several months, CAMC has made significant safety improvements at each hospital from improved lighting, fencing and security cameras to numbering entrances to assist first responders.

The next step is a staff safety alert system.

This new safety system is a wearable panic button. 7 South, General Hospital, has been trained and is now testing the system.

"It's an easier way for nurses and other hospital staff to call for help during potentially dangerous situations," said David Setliff, CAMC Security Director. "If an employee is in a patient room or encounters a disgruntled family member in the hall, he or she can simply push a button for assistance."

The device consists of a one-square-inch badge that employees pin to their ID badges. When the button on a badge is pressed, it sends a low-energy Bluetooth signal to a small port plugged into the wall of a room, which alerts security and shows where the distress call is coming from.

The alert is also sent to all unit Ascom phones and leadership. This way, nearby employees can assist the staff member if needed.

The system may be deployed to other units who have employees in direct contact with patients.