Inpatient Oncology at Memorial Hospital

When the need for more acute cancer care arises, the inpatient units at CAMC Memorial Hospital are available to provide a variety of necessary services. There is a dedicated, highly skilled staff available to meet the diverse needs of patients during their journey from diagnosis, through treatment, and recovery.

Realizing that family involvement is an integral part of patients’ recovery and recuperation, we have very liberal visiting hours and encourage families to become involved in their care. Our staff is available to provide the education and tools needed as they make the transition to caregiver.

We provide a multidisciplinary approach to guide the care and individualized treatment plan for each patient. Our social worker and case coordinator have daily meetings with nursing staff to plan patients’ treatment and organize their discharge needs. Others available on our team include: 

  • Pastoral care 
  • Specialized nurses 
  • Physical therapists 
  • Hospice dieticians 
  • Home Health/Infusion services 
  • Hospice/Hubbard House

Our goal is to make the transition from hospital to home as smooth and problem free as possible.