The CAMC Hemophilia Treatment Center, located in the Physicians’ Office Building at CAMC Memorial Hospital, treats many bleeding disorders including: Factor VIII deficiency (Hemophilia A), Factor IX deficiency (Hemophilia B), von Willebrand's disease and other clotting deficiencies. The center also provides thrombosis care for adults.

Our Treatment Approach

The CAMC Hemophilia Treatment Center has four goals:

•    To treat patients with hemophilia and von Willebrand's disease according to the most advanced technology available.
•    To educate them in all aspects of their disease so that they may play an important role in the treatment.
•    To supervise them in carrying out their medical plan so that they may develop confidence in their own knowledge and judgment.
•    To support them in their pursuit of a normal life and achievement of a normal life expectancy in spite of their blood disorder.

Our comprehensive health care team not only includes our physicians and registered nurses, but also specialists in orthopedics, infectious disease, hematology, dentistry, behavioral health, physical therapists and social workers.