Photo of Dr. Campbell

James Campbell, MD | Chief of Staff

Chief of Staff: James Campbell, MD 

Chief of Staff Elect: Shannon Carpenter, MD 

Immediate Past Chief of Staff: Barry Mitchell, MD 

Secretary-Treasurer: Zarpash Babar, MD

Anesthesiology: Price Bradshaw, MD, Chief  |  David Denning II, MD, Vice Chief 

Cardiovascular Medicine: Hazaim Alwair, MD, Chief  |  Ahmad Elashery, MD, Vice Chief 

Community Medicine: Christopher Wilson, DO, Chief  |  Shannon Carpenter, MD, Vice Chief 

Community Surgery: Nathan Cain, DO, Chief  |  Deborah Chadwick, MD, Vice Chief 

Emergency Medicine: Adam Crawford, MD, Chief  |  Brian Hensley, MD, Vice Chief 

Family Practice: Leslie Farris, DO, Chief  |  Sravanthi Marella, MD, Vice Chief 

Medical Imaging & Radiation Oncology: Michael Anton, MD, Chief  |  Pamela Phillips, MD, Vice Chief 

Medicine: Umar Qazi, MD, Chief  |  Abdul Zanabli, MD, Vice Chief 

Neurosciences: Suzanne Crandall, DO, Chief  |  Sarah Rahman, MD, Vice Chief 

Obstetrics & Gynecology: Paul Dietz, MD, Chief  |  Sarah Witsberger, MD, Vice Chief 

Orthopedics & Rehabilitation: Jessica Chiang, DO, Chief  |  James Maurer, DO, Vice Chief 

Otolaryngology: Marcus Shaffer, MD, Chief  |  Lindsey Stull, MD, Vice Chief 

Pathology: Milton Plata, MD, Chief  |  Nadia Naumova, MD, Vice Chief 

Pediatrics: Stefan Maxwell, MD, Chief  |  Mouna Chebib, MD, Vice Chief 

Surgery: Seth Adkins, MD, Chief  |  Mark Choueiri, MD, Vice Chief 

Urology & Renal Transplantation: Nathan Hale, DO, Chief  |  TBA, Vice Chief

Photo of Dr. Carpenter
Shannon Carpenter, MD | Chief of Staff Elect
Photo of Dr. Mitchell
Barry Mitchell, MD | Immediate Past Chief of Staff
Photo of Dr. Babar
Zarpash Babar, MD | Secretary-Treasurer

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