In a different year, it was a different accreditation process. CAMC’s labs were due for a College of American Pathologists (CAP) reaccreditation inspection in 2020.

First, a CAP-accredited university conducted a virtual inspection of all policies, procedures and documents for two weeks in October, followed by a team of four CAP inspection specialists who performed an on-site inspection.

The result: reaccreditation.

“I am very pleased with all the staff,” said Connie Crede, corporate director of lab administration. “COVID has presented us with many challenges, we’ve replaced all major equipment at each hospital, stood up COVID testing on four different platforms, and completed all the training, competencies and testing validations required. This staff is simply amazing.”

Additionally, CAP inspectors were very impressed with the lab’s role in the quality management structure at every hospital and corporate leadership.

In 2019, CAMC’s lab was the only West Virginia lab listed by CAP to have continuously met the highest standards of laboratory quality and proficiency testing since the CAP began its Laboratory Accreditation Program in 1964, ensuring that patients are receiving the best medical care and most accurate diagnosis and treatment possible.

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