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Well-being means different things to different people and is achieved in different ways. For residents in the CAMC Institute for Academic Medicine’s emergency medicine program, their well-being was enhanced by volunteering at Manna Meal on July 20.

“We assisted in feeding the food insecure population in our community,” said Kristen Babiak, DO, wellness and mentorship coordinator for the emergency medicine residency program. “We also set up a booth to address health care disparities and provide pamphlets on health care and social resources in our community to improve their access to these services.”

Manna Meal is a soup kitchen located inside St. John’s Episcopal Church in Charleston. Founded in 1976, the organization serves approximately 400 people daily and relies heavily on volunteers in the community to prepare and serve meals twice a day, 365 days a year.

“Helping prepare and distribute food to those in the community was an awesome experience,” said Austin Bennett, PGY 1 resident.

“This project was a success, and we hope to continue our relationship with Manna Meal to give back to our community and continue engaging residents in community outreach,” Babiak said.

This activity was one of many that individuals in CAMC’s residency and fellowship programs have participated in as part of the Institute for Academic Medicine’s well-being initiative. Other activities have focused on promoting team building and group bonding with events like escape rooms, attending a Dirty Birds baseball game, playing paintball and participating in a book club or a virtual pottery sculpting class.

“I’m thrilled with the response and dedication to this initiative from each program,” said Jennifer Weiss, administrative director of the CAMC Office of Graduate Medical Education. “Well-being is so important to the success of any resident or fellow. I’m proud of the support and encouragement our programs receive to focus on the physical, emotional and mental well-being of these individuals.”

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Resident well-being 2
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