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CAMC Telemedicine Centers open in Lewisburg, Ripley, Princeton and Summersville

At a CAMC Telemedicine Center, our staff will connect you with your provider quickly and easily for your appointment. A nurse will facilitate a secure video visit with your doctor, and you will get the same personalized attention and excellent care without the inconvenience or expense of leaving town. Here’s what some of our patients are saying about their experience:

“I usually have to drive two hours to my doctor’s appointment, two hours home, and I have to take a full day off work. At the CAMC Telemedicine Center, I was given the same attention and quality care as if I was in my doctor’s office. My doctor was very attentive and spent 35 to 45 minutes talking with me, asking questions and giving helpful recommendations. The nurse at the center also showed me how she can check my ears and listen to my heart in the telemedicine office and the doctor can hear my heartbeat in Charleston. This is simply amazing.”— Debra Fogus, White Sulphur Springs, WV

“I was referred by my primary care physician to the CAMC Telemedicine Center in Lewisburg for an echocardiogram. The staff was thorough, attentive and I received the same quality of care as if I were in Charleston. I would recommend the CAMC Telemedicine Center for its convenience, staff professionalism and care.” — Stormy Moore, Maxwelton, WV

“I went to the CAMC Telemedicine Center in Lewisburg for a follow-up appointment with my doctor about my blood work. I usually have to travel two hours to Charleston, and with gas, traffic and tolls it was a hassle. The Telemedicine Center was only 20 minutes from my house. To cut out the travel was amazing. It was my first telemedicine appointment, and we went over my blood work like we normally do. If you have to travel a good distance, the CAMC Telemedicine Center is worth it. You have the same experience there as you would in person. I was impressed with all of it, and I’m going back for a second appointment.” — Mary Shortridge, Crawley, WV

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