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Volunteer FAQs

What does a volunteer do to help CAMC?

IMG_7142.JPGVolunteers provide a variety of helpful services throughout our CAMC hospitals. Volunteers work in patient areas such as nursing units or emergency departments by visiting patients, filling ice or water pitchers, getting blankets or helping to locate resources or information to make a patient's visit more pleasant.

Volunteers serve our guests and the public by working at the flower and/or information desks or serving as greeters. They provide a welcoming environment by helping patients, visitors and guests find their way throughout our large facilities.

Volunteers also assist in many of our behind the scenes areas helping with special projects, mailings, running errands or filing. While these volunteers are not always in the view of the public, they build special relationships with the staff they support and help make our work go more smoothly.

Who can volunteer at CAMC?

Adults (21+) who are interested and committed to giving their time four or more hours per week to serve patients, families, visitors and hospital staff are eligible to become a CAMC Volunteer. Adult applications are currently being accepted.

College students (age 18+ and in a Full-Time college/university) who can commit to serving in a volunteer capacity for a minimum of four hours per week for a minimum of four months or approximately the length of one semester.

A Junior Volunteer program is offered during the summer months for teens which are a minimum of 15 years of age and have completed the ninth grade. Junior Volunteer applications are accepted from January 1 through April 1. See the Junior Volunteers page for more information.

What are the requirements for volunteering at CAMC?

Interested individuals must apply either online or obtain a paper application by contacting the Volunteer Service office at (304) 388-7426.

Applicants are contacted for an interview to discuss availability, interests and skills. Applicants who are offered a role as a volunteer will be subject to a background check and reference check prior to starting.

Once the application process is complete, new volunteers will participate in a mandatory health review and volunteer orientation before starting their assignment.

How long does it take to complete this process?

The length of time varies but typically takes two to four weeks to complete and is dependent on factors such as the applicant's availability, current number of applicants, the response time from references and background investigations.

What are some of the benefits of being a volunteer at CAMC?

  • Free parking
  • $6 towards meals for each three-hour shift worked
  • Free flu vaccine
  • Free annual health review
  • Free uniforms

When do volunteers serve?

While we appreciate help all the time, the greatest demand for volunteers is between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Volunteers are assigned to a specific department with a schedule in order to help cover the most demanding times for that department or unit.

A limited number of areas have the need for volunteers on evenings and weekends.