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Board of Trustees

  • Gina R. Busch, MD
  • Charles L. Capito Jr.
  • Mark A. Chandler
  • Fonda Elliot
  • Elie Gharib, MD +
  • Wanda Hightower
  • John R. Hoblitzell, Esq.
  • Melvin Jones
  • John Linton, PhD ++
  • Karen S. Price
  • David L. Ramsey +
  • Michael Robie, DO +
  • William A. Rice Jr.
  • Samuel S. Groves, MD
  • Richard Umstot ++
  • Steven L. Smith
  • Kenneth L. Tackett
  • Edwin H. Welch, PhD

+ Ex Officio with vote
++ Ex Officio without vote

Any information for the Trustees may be mailed to: 

 c/o David L. Ramsey, President
Charleston Area Medical Center, Inc.
P. O. Box 1547
Charleston, WV 25326