Charity and Uninsured Policy

Charleston Area Medical Center (CAMC) is committed to rendering care to patients regardless of their ability to pay for part or all of essential medical care.

CAMC wants prospective patients and the local community agencies to know that CAMC has a financial aid policy that is consistent with the mission and values of the Hospital and takes into account each patient's ability to contribute to the cost of his or her care and the Hospital's financial ability to provide the care.


CAMC has two programs to assist patients in need of financial assistance:


No payment will be expected from patients who meet the criteria for charity assistance. The main requirements for charity assistance are as follows:

  • Income at 200% or less of the Federal poverty income and resource guidelines, and,
  • Insufficient assets to pay for the care (assets of $50,000 or less are excluded), and,
  • Not eligible for any public programs (such as, Medicaid, Medicare, etc.)

Uninsured Discount

Any patient without third-party coverage will be given a 50% discount from charges. (The 50% discount is greater than any discount given to a non-governmental HMO or insurance company.)


CAMC patients in need of financial assistance are required to provide accurate and complete information to the Hospital and, when possible, to enroll in a publicly sponsored insurance program. Uninsured patients who do not provide income verification will automatically qualify for a 50% discount from charges.

The Hospital will communicate this policy to the public by the following means:

  • The Hospital will conspicuously post in all registration areas of the Hospital the telephone number that patients may call to obtain further information on the Hospital's uninsured/charity care policy;
  • The Hospital's patient handbook will include information on the Hospital's uninsured/charity care policy;
  • The Hospital's computerized billing statements will include information on the uninsured/charity care policy including contact information, telephone numbers and an Email address for any patient requesting assistance.

Income Guidelines:

Family Unit Size2015 Poverty guidelines
Yearly Monthly
1 $ 23,340 $ 1,945
2 $ 31,460 $ 2,622
3 $ 39,580 $ 3,298
4 $ 47,700 $ 3,975
5 $ 55,820 $ 4,652
6 $ 63,940 $5,328
7 $ 72,060 $ 6,005
8 $80,180 $ 6,682

More than 8 persons add $4,060 for each additional person.

Assets included in the $50,000 exclusion:

  • Real property
  • Automobile
  • Recreation vehicles
  • Bank accounts
  • Rental property
  • Other investments

Applicants with personal assets exceeding $50,000 in value and/or exceeding the Income Guidelines will be reviewed on an individual basis. Cases involving catastrophic medical claims/medications (proof required) will be considered for charity assistance only after consideration of income, assets and uninsured status.

Cases in which a patient exceeds both the established income and asset guidelines will not be eligible for consideration except in special circumstances determined by collection supervisor/management.

Applicants who do not qualify under the guidelines will be notified.

Click here for a copy of a Patient Financial Statement application. Please complete all fields on the application. If a field does not pertain to the applicant, mark N/A.

In order to process the Patient Financial Statement quickly and efficiently, please provide last month copies of the following as they pertain to applicant: paycheck stubs, Social Security check, Unemployment or Worker's Compensation check, child support verification, retirement or pension check, and/or bank statement.

If the applicant has no income and/or food and shelter is provided by someone other than the applicant, click here for a copy of a Proof of No Income form. The form must be signed by the applicant and notarized.

Please return completed application and all pertinent information to:

Fax to (304)-388-3596


Mailing to the following address:

Charleston Area Medical Center
501 Morris Street
Charleston WV 25301