Summer is here, COVID-19 numbers are dropping as more people continue to get vaccinated, and you may be ready to take a much-needed vacation!

When making your travel checklist, remember that as a CAMC employee you have free access to 24/7 Care from anywhere in the US. That means if you or anyone in your immediate family has a minor illness or injury while you’re away from home, you can get the care you need quickly, easily, and at no cost simply by calling 24/7 Care.

“With 24/7 Care, you have round-the-clock access to board-certified physicians and licensed physician assistants and nurse practitioners for one-on-one personal consultations, diagnosis and treatment, including prescribing medications, all from your cell phone,” said Michael Robie, DO, CAMC physician and 24/7 Care provider.

24/7 Care not only saves you the time and expense of trying to find a doctor while you are out of town, it also reduces your exposure to others who may be sick in those public areas.

“When my daughter developed an ear infection while we were out of town, I was able to talk to a doctor quickly and get an antibiotic prescribed to a local pharmacy with just one call,” said Julia Noland, marketing.

If you haven’t downloaded the 24/7 Care app yet, sign up before you travel so you’ll be ready to request a secure phone or video visit quickly and easily should you need it.

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