CAMC’s outpatient Sickle Cell Clinic is dedicated to treatment and management of the disease in both adult and pediatric patients.

Sickle cell disease (SCD) causes the body to produce abnormal hemoglobin – the protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen to all parts of the body. Typically, red blood cells are round and move easily through blood vessels; however, in patients with SCD, the red blood cells are hard and sticky, and are shaped like the letter “C,” which causes the cells to clump together, blocking blood flow.

This diminished blood flow can cause pain, tissue and organ damage, and even stroke. It also causes the blood cells that get stuck to die sooner, and having fewer healthy red blood cells can cause serious conditions like anemia.

The CAMC Sickle Cell Clinic is dedicated to delivering comprehensive care for patients with sickle cell disease by providing easy access to specialists for disease management and preventative care. Its physicians specialize in both adult and pediatric sickle cell disease, and its multidisciplinary approach to care ensures patients receive the highest level of care to treat the many complicated facets of the disease.

The clinic provides ongoing care for patients with individualized treatment plans, including rapid access to infusion care services for blood infusion and transfusion therapies. It also provides patient education, coaching and support, and easy access to other hospital services for any complications that may arise.

The clinic operates at the CAMC Cancer Center on designated Fridays throughout the year.

The clinic is accepting new patients. To schedule an appointment for pediatric patients, call (304) 388-4979. Adult patients can call (304) 388-8380 to schedule an appointment or for more information.