CAMC Urology

CAMC Urology Doctors
Front: Anthony Sibley, MD | Clydena Broughton, APRN, FNP-C | Margaret Vereb, MD | Ramanathapura Haricharan, MD | James P. Tierney, DO | R. Samuel Oliver Jr., MD Back: Chad Miller, PA | Joshua Lohri, DO, FACOS | Ryan Fitzwater, DO | Samuel Deem, DO, FACOS | Not pictured: Nathan Hale, DO

CAMC: The region’s leader in urologic care

Whether you’re suffering from a bladder infection, incontinence, kidney stones or a more serious problem, CAMC’s highly-trained physicians provide personalized care with compassion and understanding.

Our urologists offer advanced diagnosis and treatment options for men and women with conditions affecting the bladder, kidneys and urinary tract. We also specialize in male infertility and prostate health, with the latest technology for the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer.

Our comprehensive range of services includes:

Cancer (bladder, kidney, prostate)

  • Minimally-invasive prostate and kidney cancer surgery (robotic surgery)
  • Partial and radical nephrectomy (robotic surgery)
  • Personalized genetic testing
  • Prostate fusion
  • Cysview® technology to detect bladder cancer

Stone Center

  • Stone disease and lithotripsy
  • Minimally-invasive kidney stone removal
  • Medical management and prevention of stone disease

Pelvic Floor Center

  • Male and female incontinence
  • Bowel and bladder disorders
  • Minimally-invasive treatment for pelvic-floor prolapse and urinary fistula
  • Cystocele and rectocele repair

Male Infertility

  • Varicocele repair
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Genetic diseases
  • Sperm treatments
  • Vasectomy reversals

Other urologic care

  • Adult and pediatric urology
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Urology laser surgery
  • Vasectomy
  • Andrology
  • Sexual dysfunction and impotence
  • Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) therapy
  • Advanced laparoscopic surgery/da Vinci Surgical System
  • Urethral reconstruction/management of stricture disease