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Financial Assistance Policy

Financial Assistance, Uninsured and Uncompensated Care

Charleston Area Medical Center, Inc. (CAMC) is committed to providing quality healthcare to those in need regardless of their ability to pay.  This letter explains our financial assistance policy which exists to provide eligible patients, partially or fully discounted emergency or other medically necessary healthcare services provided by the CAMC. CAMC and any substantially related entity are hereinafter referred to as CAMC. Patients seeking Financial Assistance must apply for the program which is summarized herein.

Financial Assistance Policy
Financial Assistance Application
Participating Provider List

WV Healthcare Marketplace

Need help navigating the marketplace to purchase health insurance? Visit our WV Marketplace web page or call our dedicated financial advisor at 1-888-779-7076.

Proof of No Income form - Notarized Letter

If the applicant has no income and/or food and shelter is provided by someone other than the applicant, click here for a copy of a Proof of No Income form (link to financial assistance application file). The form must be signed by the applicant and notarized.

Please return completed application and all pertinent information to:

Fax to (304)-388-3596


Mail to:
Charleston Area Medical Center
501 Morris St.
PO Box 1547
Charleston, WV 25326