Lung Cancer Screening Program

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Lung cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among West Virginia residents. The goal of the CAMC Lung Cancer Screening Program is to detect lung cancer early, when it is most treatable. When cancer is found early with low-dose CT screening, patients can more often undergo minimally invasive surgery and have less lung tissue removed.

You may be eligible for the low-cost screening program if you:

  • Are between the ages of 50 and 77
  • Have a smoking history equivalent to:
    • Smoking one pack per day or more for 30 years
    • Smoking two packs per day for 15 years
    • Current or ex-smoker who has quit within the last 15 years
    • Are not showing any signs or symptoms of lung cancer
    • Have additional risk factors, such as occupational exposures, a personal or family history of lung cancer or prior radiation therapy in the chest area

Learn more about lung cancer risk factors.

Our program provides a team approach with dedicated radiologists and nurse navigators, education on lung cancer screening and smoking cessation options.

A physician’s order is required for screening. Patients who meet the screening criteria will receive a low-dose radiation CT. Results will be provided to the patient’s ordering physician.

Print our referral form and take it with you to your doctor's appointment to discuss eligibility requirements for the screening.

For more information, please call (304) 388-7033.


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Lung Screening Center

CAMC Imaging Center - Southridge and CAMC Imaging Center - Kanawha City are American College of Radiology Designated Lung Cancer Screening Centers.