Parking at Memorial Hospital

Parking upgrades coming Feb. 28

The changes will allow for better management, security and control of CAMC’s public parking lots and garages.

  • Users will be able to pay with cash, credit card or debit card at kiosks in hospital lobbies or as they exit the parking area.
  • New ticket dispensing machines, card readers, cameras and gates will be installed at each entrance and exit of the visitor parking lots.
  • Closed circuit TV for monitoring will be added along with intercom boxes at the parking exits so customers can communicate with security.
  • Valet service will still be offered.

Questions and Answers

What type of ticket will I receive when entering the parking lot?

A paper ticket that shows date and time with a bar code.

Where do I pay for parking?

You can pay as you are exiting the hospital in a lobby pay station or as you are exiting the parking lot.

Pay kiosks are located in main entrance lobbies as follows:

  • CAMC Memorial Main Lobby – cash and credit
  • CAMC Memorial Heart and Vascular Center Lobby – credit only
  • CAMC Memorial Medical Staff Office Building Lobby – cash and credit
  • CAMC General Main Lobby – cash and credit
  • CAMC General Medical Staff Office Building Lobby – credit only
  • CAMC General Outpatient Surgery Center Parking Lot – credit only
  • CAMC Women and Children’s Main Lobby – cash and credit
  • If you choose to pay at a lobby pay station, take the receipt with you and insert it into the pay station as are exiting the parking lot. The gate will open and let you out.There is a 20 minute grace period from the time you pay in the lobby until you need to present the receipt at the exit gate.

Will I have to use exact dollar amount to pay for parking?

It is recommended that credit/debit cards be used. However, most machines accept cash and these pay machines provide change as needed. Machines will not accept bills larger than $20. Each pay machine will have instructions.

Will my ticket give me all day access to enter and exit as many times as I need?

No, each entry requires a ticket be issued, and each exit requires ticket be used to pay and then to exit. Each lot has a 15 minute grace period (you can exit the lot for free within 15 minutes of ticket issue time).

Are there certain areas of the garage where I should park?

Signs are posted for parking spaces that are reserved. Handicap spaces are marked and reserved for use people with valid handicap hanging cards.

How do I get assistance if I leave the hospital after visiting hours or need help at one of the pay stations?

Parking area exit pay stations include intercom stations (lobby pay stations do not have intercoms). Push the intercom button and security staff will be available to assist as needed. You may also call CAMC Security at (304) 388-5588.

What happens if my ticket is lost or damaged?

  • If ticket damaged, use the intercom at the pay station to let the security officer know.
  • If ticket is lost, use the lost ticket button and pay the $4.00 lost ticket fee to leave the lot.

If I have already purchased parking stamps, can I continue to use them?

The current parking stamps will continue to work at all exit stations while we have staff at the booths.

New prepaid parking tickets will be issued that can be used at pay stations and manned booths going forward.

Will valet services still be provided?

Yes, valet services will still be provided.

Will all CAMC lots change to this process at the same time?

There will be three phases:

  1. CAMC Memorial pay-for-parking locations - February
  2. CAMC Women and Children’s pay-for-parking locations - March / April
  3. CAMC General pay-for-parking locations - May/ June

How will CAMC staff be allowed to utilize the pay-for-parking lots with their CAMC ID badges ?

Card readers are located at the entrance and exit to each pay-for-parking location

If CAMC employee has access to a particular pay-for-parking lot:

  • They shall not park in any reserved parking locations, or they are subject to towing.
  • The system can be programmed to require employees to use their badge to gain entrance or they will not be able to exit the lot with calling CAMC Security for assistance. Many thousands of parking tickets have been used to gain entrance, thrown away and employee badges are used to exit the lot.
  • If employee uses a ticket to gain entrance, they will need to pay to exit the lot.
  • If employee uses a badge to gain entrance, they will need to use badge to exit the lot.