CAMC Orthopedics: The region’s experts for strains, sprains and breaks

The body is an amazing, complex machine of interconnected parts working together to keep us moving. But like any machine, parts can break or just get worn down. The orthopedics experts at CAMC have advanced training in the latest, most effective treatments for any body in need of repair. So whether you tore it, strained it, broke it, or just wore it out, trust CAMC Orthopedics to fix it – because you still have a lot of good miles ahead of you!

A Walk-In Clinic for fractures and other urgent orthopedic injuries is available at CAMC Orthopedic Trauma.

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CAMC Orthopedic Surgery

Doctor James B. Cox, DO
James B. Cox, DO

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Doctor David Felder, MD
David Felder Jr., MD

CAMC Orthopedic Trauma

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Doctor Frederic Pollock, MD
Frederic Pollock, MD
Doctor Aaron Sop, DO
Aaron Sop, DO
Doctor James Maurer, DO
James Maurer, DO
Doctor Ereny Bishara, DO
Ereny Bishara, DO
Doctor Jessica Chiang, DO
Jessica Chiang, DO

CAMC Orthopedics has two convenient locations with quick appointments and easy scheduling.

3703 Teays Valley Road
Hurricane, WV 25526
Teays Valley (304) 757-2273

415 Morris St., Suite 201
Charleston, WV 25301
Trauma (304) 388-7700