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Proxy Accounts

CAMC offers proxy access to the PatientLink accounts of pediatric and adult patients. Please read the instructions below and complete the appropriate form.

What is a Proxy?
An individual who has been granted permission by the patient or the patient's legal guardian to have access to their patient health records on the CAMC Patient Portal.

Proxy access for adult patients - 18 years of age or older
An adult patient may grant proxy access to any other adult upon completing the Proxy Access Authorization form. If the adult patient is incompetent, their legal representative must sign the Proxy Access Authorization Form in addition to the proxy in order for others to be granted proxy access.

Proxy access for pediatric patients - birth through 12 years of age
A parent or legal representative may have full access to their pediatric patient's health record on the CAMC Patient Portal as a Proxy until the child reaches the age of 13; the Proxy Access Authorization form must be completed. Upon the attainment of age 13, the Proxy's access will automatically be revoked, until the age of 18, at which time an adult proxy access form may be completed.

Adolescent patients - ages 13 through 17
Age 13 through 17 years of age. In order to support compliance with state regulatory requirements, a parent or legal guardian may not have proxy access to their adolescent patient's health records on the CAMC Patient Portal. The adolescent patient may be enrolled to have direct access to their patient portal, unless restricted by the adolescent's provider. The parent or legal guardian may still obtain a paper copy of the adolescent patient's health records in the Health Information Management Department by signing the appropriate release of information authorization.

Steps for requesting a proxy account
- Fill out all fields on the appropriate form.

Adult Proxy Access Form

Pediatric Proxy Access Form

Please submit this form with a copy of your photo ID:

  1. Email to: support.patientlink@camc.org
  2. Mail: CAMC Health Information Management 130-138 57th Street,(Building 3, Unit 2) Charleston, WV 25304
  3. Fax to: (304) 388-1189
  4. At CAMC registration locations (Registration locations will send to Health Information Management)
  • Once your form has been submitted and the proxy relationship approved, you should receive an invitation via email within 72 business hours to claim the account on behalf of the patient.
  • If you have questions about proxy account access please click here to submit your question.