Learn about minimally-invasive spine and neurosurgery from our surgeons.

If you or someone you care about is facing brain, neck or spine surgery, it’s good to know that the region’s leading health care provider is a recognized leader in advanced neurological surgery. With more than 80 years of combined experience, our highly-skilled brain and spine surgeons are seasoned professionals skilled in the most advanced treatments, including the latest minimally invasive brain, neck and back procedures. And thanks to CAMC's continuing commitment to technology, our surgeons have the resources they need to help save lives and speed recovery. Best of all? You don’t have to travel to get this kind of care. It’s all right here at home.

Providing you with the best care

Our mission is to provide you and your family with compassionate, expert care. We treat a variety of brain, skull, spine and nerve conditions. Due to our strong focus on research and education, our doctors stay well informed of the latest neuroscience advances, techniques and technologies available for patients. Additionally, our medical team is dedicated to advancing the field of neurosurgery by providing leading-edge, compassionate clinical care and conducting the latest research for a full range of neurological conditions.

What is neurosurgery?

Neurosurgery is specialized care for patients with problems related to the nervous system, head and back.

What is minimally-invasive surgery?

This is surgery that is done with smaller incisions, less blood loss, less operative time and less pain to the patient than a standard open operation. This usually results in a recovery and a more comfortable surgery experience.

There are times when a minimally-invasive operation is not appropriate for a patient, so it is important to discuss all options available. The type of minimally-invasive surgery varies depending on the goal of surgery, and should be compared to a standard open operation in terms of success rate and patient satisfaction.