Receiving encrypted email from CAMC

To ensure the security of sensitive email messages, such as those messages including protected health information (PHI), CAMC has implemented an email encryption service through ZixCorp.  In compliance with HIPAA regulations, messages containing certain PHI will be triggered by the system and will be encrypted.
If you receive messages from a CAMC sender that include this information, you will receive an email notification that you have a secure message. Click here for a sample message. You can view messages from a computer or a mobile device.
If you are using an outside email address (such a Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail), you will need to create a ZixCorp account to retrieve the message:

  • Click “open message” as indicated in the email
  • Create a password – the username field will automatically fill in with your email address. Please note: This email address/password combo does not replace your CAMC sign-on.
  • Your message will then open, and you can view the details and reply.

Send and receive messages without logging in
You can send and view encrypted messages without log-in prompts if you download the free ZixCorp encryption license. This integrates the secure messaging capabilities with your email so that you can send and receive encrypted messages from your personal email client.