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November 7, 2019

This summer, CAMC Cardiology welcomed four cardiologists, each of whom bring a high level of specialized expertise in different facets of cardiac care.


Ahmad Elashery, MD, joins CAMC Cardiology practicing in Teays Valley. "My philosophy is helping patients oversee their health by providing them with the most up-to-date diagnosis and treatment options," he said. Elashery has specialized training in advanced cardiac imaging, cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and cardiac computed tomography (CCT). Cardiac MRI produces detailed images of the beating heart, which enable doctors to thoroughly study the structure and function of the heart muscle, identifying any tissue damage or causes of heart failure.


Marciano Lee, MD, returns to CAMC following his recent completion of a congestive heart failure fellowship at the University of Kentucky. Lee now leads the team at the CAMC Congestive Heart Failure Clinic, which provides specialized care for patients diagnosed with the disease. There is no cure for congestive heart failure (CHF), but Lee and the team at the CAMC Congestive Heart Failure Clinic provide the kind of long-term care necessary to manage the condition.


Jacob Misenheimer, MD, joins CAMC Cardiology in Charleston with years of experience in interventional cardiology. One area that he specializes in is resolving chronic total occlusions (CTO), which involve one or more coronary arteries that have been closed for more than three months. Diagnosing and treating CTO requires specialized training in catheter-based procedures. "My role is to provide patients with the best information and advice to make health care decisions. Ultimately, the decision they make with my assistance is the right decision for them, because it is their decision, which I will support in any way I can, including utilizing my procedural skillsets."


Lavinia Mitulescu, MD, joins CAMC Cardiology in South Charleston. With her extensive training in advanced cardiac imaging, she is proficient in reading 3D echocardiograms and assisting in structural heart interventions. "I treat all of my patients with compassion, empathy and dignity - just like if they were my own family members," she said.

With a growing team, CAMC continues to bolster its reputation as a leader in cardiac services in West Virginia. "Over the past 50 years, CAMC has established itself as the heart hospital in West Virginia, and now, as we continue to expand, we are able to provide more specialized care and advanced medicine than patients can find anywhere else," said Don Lilly, MD, associate chief medical officer at CAMC Memorial Hospital.

"Health care is not static," Misenheimer said. "There are always new innovations that provide better care options, more safety and improved experiences for the patient. I work very hard to continuously improve my knowledge and technical skillset, in line with new data and technology, toward better patient outcomes and better patient experiences."

CAMC Cardiology has locations at CAMC Memorial Hospital in Kanawha City, South Charleston, Teays Valley, Chapmanville and Summersville. Each location is staffed with experienced physicians and a skilled team of cardiac experts who use advanced technology to provide patients with comprehensive diagnosis and care of diseases of the heart. To learn more, visit camc.org/Heart.

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