December 19, 2013

The new CAMnet, launching Jan. 6, has a cleaner design and will make it easier to find what you need.

Important news will be available and updated daily, so you can find the news you need for your day with just a quick glance.

Marketing staff will be available via phone, email and pager during the first few weeks after the site is live to answer questions and help employees find what they need. CAMnet will also have an improved site search that will look for the defined terms in sites, links and documents.

Here are some commonly used items on CAMnet and their locations on the new site:

Item New Location
Phone and pager directories
Call schedules
Top navigation menu (blue bar) under Directories
Email Envelope icon on bottom left of homepage
Help Desk Left navigation menu
Lawson Left navigation menu on homepage, top navigation menu under My CAMC
BidShift Top navigation menu under both Clinical and Administrative
Patient Education Top navigation menu under both Clinical, and Education & Research
EduTrack Top navigation menu under Education & Research
Classifieds Icon in bottom navigation menu
Kronos Top navigation menu under Administrative
Quantros/Safety Reporting Icon in bottom navigation menu, also under Safety in top navigation menu
Department/Unit pages Top navigation menu under Departments
Clinical/Physician links Left navigation menu under Physicians, then click Links and Info
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