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January 9, 2020


Chief of Staff: Elie Gharib, MD


Chief of Staff Elect: Richard Umstot, MD


Immediate Past Chief of Staff: Michael Robie, DO


Secretary-Treasurer: Ryan Fitzwater, DO

Anesthesiology: Lemwel Delgra, MD (chief)  |  Joseph Conroy, MD (vice chief)

Cardiovascular Medicine: Nathan Kister, MD (chief)  |  Shawn Groves, MD (vice chief)

Community Medicine: Shannon Carpenter, MD (chief)  |  Earl Famularcano, MD (vice chief)

Community Surgery: Nathan Cain, DO (chief)  |  Devin King, MD (vice chief)

Emergency Medicine: Steven Berry, MD (chief)  |  Barry Mitchell, MD (vice chief)

Family Practice: Melissa Poulos, MD (chief)  |  Muhammad Akbar, MD (vice chief)

Medical Imaging & Radiation Oncology: Michael Anton, MD (chief)  |  Pamela Phillips, MD (vice chief)

Medicine: Zarpash Babar, MD (chief)  |  Lo-ay Al Asadi, MD (vice chief)

Neurosciences: Tiffany Sparks, MD (chief)  |  Lana Christiano, MD (vice chief)

Obstetrics & Gynecology: Karinna Andrews, DO (chief)  |  Paul Dietz, MD (vice chief)

Orthopedics & Rehabilitation: Ereny Bishara, DO (chief)  |  James Maurer, DO (vice chief)

Otolaryngology: David Phillips, MD (chief)  |  Michael Beasley, MD (vice chief)

Pathology: Milton Plata, MD (chief)  |  Richard Naturale, MD (vice chief)

Pediatrics: Susan Ayoubi, MD (chief)  |  Beth Emrick, MD (vice chief)

Surgery: Pending

Urology: Pending

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