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February 17, 2020


Tim Allen, Ronnie Flowers, Leland Swafford, Mike Drake and Andrew Jarrett were recognized by a family who called in to compliment our security team for going above and beyond their duties to make her family feel welcome during a difficult time.

The woman said the officers always addressed her family by name, inquired about the wellness of her husband, escorted her to the parking garage and provided wheelchair transport, among other things. One day she was having a difficult day and emotionally broke down in a hallway near the front desk. She said Allen noticed she needed assistance and began to comfort her and escorted her to a quiet place where he remained with her until she was able to regain composure. She said she could not have made it without them.

Pictured: Leland Swafford, Michael Drake, Ronnie Flowers, Timothy Allen, Andrew Jarrett

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