At CAMC, we know that nursing school can be challenging. Every member of our nursing workforce has been in your shoes and we understand and appreciate the obstacles you may face, and we want to help you succeed.

Our student nurse mentorship program connects nursing students with new graduates, educators and experienced nurses to provide whatever help you may need. Assistance can range from one-on-one conversations or NCLEX preparation materials, to study time and more.

Our goal is to help you – current nursing students – as you enter the workforce so you’re armed with not only technical skill, but also the professional confidence you need to thrive after graduation.

Sign up today to be connected with a mentor who can help you identify and overcome any obstacles you may be experiencing. Our mentors are ready to lend a helping hand as your work toward your new career in the exciting world of nursing.

UWorld NCLEX 90-Day Subscription Request

Utilizing the same form below you will be able to indicate your request for a UWorld subscription, a Mentor, or both. 
**It is advised to request a UWorld subscription 90 days prior to your NCLEX Test Date for best results.

Criteria for Eligibility for a UWorld Subscription provided by CAMC:  
    Nursing students are only eligible if they have accepted a Graduate RN position with CAMC upon graduation.

Note: (RN Students who are internal employees working at CAMC in other capacities (such as NA, HUC, LPN, Respiratory Therapist, etc) that have accepted a New Grad position with CAMC upon graduation would also be eligible for the UWorld NCLEX Review).

    A subscription may not be requested/provided prior to 3 months (90 days) of RN program graduation date. 

•    Student must request to gain access to UWorld a minimum of 30 days before test date and no more than 90 days prior to test date.

•    Student must agree to complete a minimum of 1200 test questions and be monitored by the mentorship program to follow your progress. 
     o    (*if 1200 questions are not completed; student may be required to reimburse CAMC for the cost of the subscription). 

    CAMC does not have permissions to extend subscriptions past the 90 days. It is the student’s responsibility to renew or extend through their UWorld account if needed and would be responsible for subscription extension costs. 

Please note: It may take up to a week or 5 business days to receive information and codes needed for UWorld access.  Please look for an email from UWorld for activation.

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