Forensic Interview

If your child has not already had a forensic interview we will complete one during your visit to the CAC. A forensic interview is an interview that is conducted by a trained professional with the goal of obtaining factual information about the alleged abuse from the child. This interview is conducted in a non-threatening, non-leading and child-friendly way so that no additional trauma is caused to the child.

You may be concerned about what to tell your child about the forensic interview. We suggest that you tell him/her that the CAC is a safe place where children who say that they have been hurt can talk about what happened to them. We recommend that you do not question your child prior to the interview. If your child wants to talk about what happened to them, listen and be supportive. Assure your child that you will be nearby during the interview. Let your child know that it is alright to talk to the people at the CAC and that other kids have come to the center to talk as well.