Our goal at the Children’s Advocacy Center is to give children the best possible chance to lead happy and fulfilling lives. Childhood abuse can be a very difficult period of a child’s life, but it’s doesn’t have to define it. We are committed to providing children with the resources they need to heal.

Our Approach to Child Advocacy and Associated Support Services

At the CAMC Children’s Advocacy Center, we’re here to provide specialized, compassionate care to children and families in situations involving child neglect and abuse – whether physical or sexual.  

Forensic Interview: We conduct a thorough forensic evaluation of the child to identify his or her needs and facilitate the provision of the services needed. This interview is conducted in a non-threatening, non-leading and child-friendly way.  

Medical Evaluation: A medical interview is also conducted by our specialty-certified pediatricians. The evaluations are conducted in a way that is thorough yet sensitive to each child’s emotional and physical state. 

Support Services: We provide a variety of victim advocacy and case management services to help you and your child as you move forward. We work with a number of agencies that are responsible for responding to child abuse.  

Therapy: We offer trauma-focused therapy on-site for children.   

Family are never charged for services at the Children’s Advocacy Center. 

What Sets Us Apart

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Trained and board certified physicians and directors

Our two pediatricians are board certified in child abuse pediatrics – a relatively new certification. This means our physicians have received specialized training in working with and treating children who are victims of abuse beyond those of a traditional pediatrician. This also lends additional credibility in the courtroom when our pediatricians must serve as medical experts in cases involving child abuse. 

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Accredited by National Children’s Alliance®

The National Children’s Alliance® is an accrediting body for Children’s Advocacy Centers (CACs) across the country. They ensure that all children across the U.S. served by CACs receive consistent, evidence-based services that help them heal from abuse. Accreditation means that our CAC has undertaken the rigorous process to meet designated standards and outcomes.  

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WV’s first free-standing children’s hospital

As the first freestanding children’s hospital in West Virginia, our focus on patient and family-centered care is unparalleled. We are proud to offer a range of services to assist families as they navigate through life, including those difficult moments.